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Thoughts on Satan


God created Lucifer, a high-ranking, beautiful angel who became unsatisfied worshiping God. He became filled with pride and God cast him out of Heaven and onto the Earth (to greet us innocent little humans…gee, thanks). See Ezekiel 28:12-18 (King Tyre is symbolic for Satan). Interesting note: Lucifer sinned because of pride in Heaven, and there was a subsequent war in Heaven between good and evil angels (Revelation 12:7-9). The afterlife might not be a blissful cakewalk after all.

So, Lucifer “sinned from the beginning” (1 John 3:8). Yes, there is the obvious, “why would God create Satan, evil, sin, etc. if he is a good, all-knowing, just God.” And yes, he created these horrific things due to his uncanny ability at predestination and foreknowledge (Psalm 139:1-6 and Romans 8:29-30 among other references in the Bible), as well as being the beginning and ultimate creative source of the universe.

But my question is as follows: Where did Satan get this extraordinary power? Did God give it to him? The one he knew would be evil? Satan is competing with God to this very day on the same playing field – the power the change hearts and minds, control human behaviors, manipulate and control events, and even steal souls. The way Christians speak about Satan, he seems to even be omnipresent! He is everywhere on Earth and in human hearts. Christians also talk about some action or event being “God” and another being “Satan”, as if they are two sides of a well-matched battle.

Satan also seems to be so smart, crafty, and powerful that even God cannot defeat him. It would seem likely that the creator of the universe would want to get rid of him. Why wait so long? How much carnage must there be before God steps in?

Lastly, how do we know that Satan is all-evil? And God is all-good? We never get Satan’s side of the story, his reasons for rebelling against God in the beginning, or his reasons for inflicting suffering on Earth. What if he has reasonable justifications? God has an entire Bible to tell his side of the story, but we don’t really have a sense of what made Lucifer tick. What if God was acting unfairly toward Lucifer and his angel friends? What if God tempted him by giving him astonishingly good looks, power, influence, etc. then toyed with him by not allowing him to use his gifts? I’m just hypothesizing here on the squabbling between the almighty and his nemesis, but hopefully you see my main point here.

In the end, this is all just a fairy tale. However, I hope this was a refreshing angle for you to think about.


Sam Harris Video

I’m back after a long time off posting.  Here’s a great Sam Harris video for ya!

God Loves You So Much…

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Powerful Richard Dawkins Video

Christians and Science

I am getting tired of condescending, patronizing, and manipulative Christians conceding the validity of science in order to make themselves more credible when arguing religion.  It is tiresome, an obvious sales tactic, and a waste of time.  If they really, truly accepted the implications of what we learn just from cosmology and biology, there is no way they could square the science with theology.  I know, I know –  there are examples of Christian scientists out there like Francis Collins, but these people have just deluded themselves.  As smart as Collins is, he still has no good reason to believe Jesus is his personal savior other than the justifications he comes up with in his imagination.

Don’t Let Them Hijack the Cosmological Argument!

The next time the cosmological argument comes up (the “first cause argument” for the existence of God), DO NOT let the Christian get away with trying to hijack logic when making this argument.  The infinite regress must be applied to God as well, since he is a complex being that would have had an even more super-complex cause, and so-on ad infinitum.   They will try to say that God is an infinite or supernatural being and only apply “everything has a cause” to the universe to support their argument, but they are just making up the rules as they go.  They MUST use the same logic with God regarding cause/effect that they are using regarding the universe.  They have absolutely no evidence God was the first cause, he is infinite, he exists, etc. – no empirical evidence for God at all and yet they want to get all logical and reasonable/scientific-sounding with this ridiculousness.  The fact that Point A is not yet understood by scientists (“What caused the Big Bang”) does not make Point B true by default (“God created the universe”).  The fact that we still need to point out the flaw in the logic here is pretty sad.

The next quick point here is that the argument is used by Christians in a non-sequitor of symphonic and operatic proportions (as Bugliosi would say).  They make the connection that 1) everything has a cause, 2) God is the cause, 3) therefore the virgin birth, miracles, burning bush, and other supernatural events in the Bible must be true.  I just ask at this point for someone to show me the connection from #2-3 without doing Olympian-like mental gymnastics.

Creationism Vids

I have not been posting much due to a recent schedule change from insane to borderline-unmanageable, but I will do my best to get back to regular updating as soon as I can.  In the meantime…

Here are two interesting videos on creationism by scientists.  Krauss is a pure genius, and I enjoy Bill Nye because I remember watching his videos in middle school science class.


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